Polish Champion, Polish Youth Champion,

Collie Club Youth Winner 2002, Collie Club Winner 2005

Polish Winner 2002


Yours Truly of Wizard's Castle (FCI)



Poland: 4 x CACIB, 3 x res-CACIB, 13 x CAC, 10 x BOB, 13 x Best Male in Breed,

6 x Junior Winner, 4 x Best Junior in Breed

BIS Junior, 3rd on FCI Group I, 1st on FCI Group I

Lithuania: 1 x CAC, 1 x res-CACIB

Germany: res-VDH, res -CAC, CACIB


    born 15.08.2001       HD - A      CEA, PRA - free



Shows results 2006




01/05/2006 - CAC Dobre Miasto

Judge:p.Mariola Semik

Simba in champion class: 1st place, excellent

In comparison: Best Male, BEST OF BREED






01/04/2006 - CACIB Berlin

First show this year with quite nice results:

Simba was excellent and 2nd in Champion class, gaining tittles of res-CAC, res-VDH, res-CACIB*

Judge: Hermann Burk

Description: 5 years old sable dog, darkbrown eyes, complete scissors bite, a bit fine in underjaw, appealing and masculine head, good deep breast, well angulated after the standard, overall shape  he has enough of substance and perfect in stand. Very typy! but not interested in showing [ ;) ]


*We are very proud of Simba and very happy as this res-CACIB is treated as CACIB, because cacib-winner of this show was already an Interchampion ashow day (all in accordance due to FCI rules)







Shows results 2005


It was a very good year for Simba, especially that .....

....accordingly to Collie Rough Portal,  Simba was 2nd in category "BEST ADULT MALE" (59 males in competition)!



18/09/2005 - Collie Club  Show  Łódź

Judge: Ildiko Muzslai (Hungary, "Double Scotch" Kennel) 

"COLLIE  CLUB  WINNER" tittle for Simba!!!! 

His class (Champions) was really interesting but it Simba who has got 1st place & another CAC!

Later on, after comparison with winners from open and intermediatte class, Simba has got "Collie Club Winner"!


At photo: together with the Judge, Mrs Iildiko Muzsla, Double Scotch Kennel.





13/08/2005 - CACIB Sopot

Judge: Milivoje Urosevic (Serbia) 

Simba has got: excellent & 1st place in Champion Class.

During further comparisons: Best Male, CACIB and BOB !





18/06/2005 - Międzynarodowa w Szczecinie

Sędziowała p.E.Bukład 

Simba w Championach zajał lokatę drygą, ocena doskonała, srebro. W porównaniu - res-CACIB

Opis:Dorodny pies,proporcjonalny, o dobrej kości, ładna typowa głowa, dobrze osadzone i noszone uszy, dobry pigment, pojemna klatka piersiowa, prawidłowe katowanie kończyn i dobra ich akcja. Bogata szata dobra w strukturze.





15/05/2005 - CAC at Dobre Miasto

Judge: Dominiak 

Simba was in Cahmp Class. He has got: 1st, Excellent CAC, Best Male in Breed.

Description: Typical male dog, very good expression, sound body; moves freely, excellent coat





03/05/2005 - CAC Bydgoszcz

Judge: p.P.Szemraj

In Champion Class Simba has got:  1st place, excellent, CAC and the tittle of Best Male in Breed



16/04/2005 - CAC Grudziądz

Judge:p.Barbara Larska

Being presented in Champion Class Simba has got: 1st place, excellent, CAC and the tittle of Best Male in Breed.



Shows results 2004



07/11/2004 - Międzynarodowa w Poznaniu

Oceniał sędzia z Białorusi, A. Kisljakov

Dobiegł końca sezon wystaw 2004... Tym razem Simba klasę championów ukończył z oceną doskonałą i "brązem" na pozycji  trzeciej.  Hmm, brązowe medale też są ładne :)!


19/09/2004 - Collie Club Show at Łódź

Judge: J.L.Lagasse, France

Simba has got excellent and 2nd place of 6 in Champion Class

Description: Excellent dog in excellent condition.




04/07/2004 - CAC Olsztyn; judge Mr P.Szemraj

Simba has got excellent, 1nd place in Champion Class; best Male in Breed; Best of Breed; Best of Group I  



Very elegant dog, typical representative of the breed.
Excellent expression of head; ears settled and carried very properly; dark eyes, scissors bite;
very good upper line; limbs properlly angulated;
fluent movement; long tail well carried;
profuse coat of excellent quality




19/06/2004 - CACIB Szczecin; judge Mr M.Redlicki

Simba has got excellent, 2nd place in Champion Class (4 participants); he has also got res-CACIB!

We are  really gratefull to the Judge for excellent description in the card.


13-14/03/2004 -  CACIB Vilnius, judge: Aleksandr Ivanow (Rosja)

2nd place, excellent, Lt.CAC, res-CACIB.





Shows results 2003



21/09/2003 -  Collie Club Show, Łódź, judge: M.Redlicki

This time excellent & 2nd place for Simba (5 participants) in Champion Class

and  very promissing & 2nd place for Aicha (6 participants) in Puppy Class


09/08/2003 -  CACIB Show at Sopot, judge: B.Wójcik


1st place in Champion Class (3 participants), CAC, Best Male of Breed, CACIB, Best of Breed




20/07/2003 -  CAC Show at Gdynia, judge: P.Król

beeing presented for the first time in Champion Class Simba did quite well :)

1st place, excellent, CAC, Best Male of  Breed, Best of Breed!!!


21/06/2003 -  CACIB Show at Szczecin, judge: J. Matjas (Slovakia)

hmm.. it could be better... we came back with only a res-CACIB :)....

(2nd place, excellent, res-CACIB)

(we can only add that we has got res-CACIB beeing compared with German and Dannish champions) 





15/06/2003 -  CAC Olsztyn/Ostróda, judge: P. Szemraj

YES, we have got the last CAC, which is required to be a POLISH CHAMPION!!

Reasuming, this day  „Simba” has got:

1st, excellent, CAC, Best Male of Breed, Best of Breed


03/05/2003 -  CACIB Show at Łódź, judge: Sandor Szabo (Hungary)

„Simba” was presented in Open Class. Results:

1st place, excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best Male of Breed, Best of Breed


12/04/2003 – CAC Grudziądz, judge: Elżbieta Chwalibóg

„Simba” was presented in Open Class (for the first time). results:

1st, excellent, CAC, Best Male of Breed



Shows results 2002



01/12/2002 – CACIB Poznań, judge: Mirosław Redlicki

This show is the most prestigious in Poland. Only there a dog can be awarded with the tittle of Pollish Winner...

"Simba” was presented for the first time in Intermediate Class. Results:

1st place, excellent, CAC, Best Male of Breed, CACIB, Polish Winner 2002  


22/09/2002 – Collie Club Show, Łódź, judge: Ildiko Muzslai (Hungary)

Simba for the first time at a club-show. Results:

1st place, excellent,Youth Winner, Collie Club Youh Winner



10/08/2002 – CACIB Show at Sopot, judge: Piotr Śliwka

1st place, excellent, Youth Winner, Best Junior of Breed, Junior Best in Show


 21/07/2002 – CAC Show at Gdynia, judge:Katarzyna Fiszdon

Simba has got following awards beeing presented in Youth Class:

1st place, excellent, Youth Winner, Best Junior of Breed, Best og Breed,

III on Group!


14/07/2002 – CAC Show at Koszalin; judge:A.Ziółkowska

„Simba” was presented in Youth Class:

1st place, excellent, Youth Winer, Best Junior of Breed, Best of Breed

"Simba" has finished the POLISH YOUTH CHAMPION tittle!


26/06/2002 – CACIB Show at Szczecin; judge:Pinto Texeira (Portugalia)

"Simba" in Youth Class gets:

1st place, excellent. Youth Winner


26/05/2002 – CAC Show at Słupsk, judge: Aleksandra Lubaszka

For the first time "Simba" was shown in Youth Class. Results:  

1st place, excellent, Youth Winner, Best Junior of Breed



  /04/2002 – CAC Show at Dobre Miasto; judge:Jerzy Olszewski

 „Simba's" first show. Puppy Class & Very Promissing mark! Well done!


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