Polish Champion, Collie Club Winner 2000


Gaspar Gold Fiducia


Poland:  2 x res-CACIB, 12 x CAC, 4 x BOB, 3 x Best Male

Germany (2001): 1 x res-CACIB, 1 x VDH, 1 x CAC

  HD - A

1997 - 2006


Rainbow Bridge


Kacper 7 years old     05.06.2004    photo: M.Skrzyszewska

Ch.Pl. Double Scotch Gold Flamboyant  x    Ch.Pl. Temida Fiducia

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               "Kacper" was the first dog who initiated me into the world of dog shows and thanks to him I now know the wonderful flavor of wining

                as well as the bitter taste of loses… . At the beginning we had to learn about everything. It wasn’t easy taking under consideration

                the fact, how diligently everyone guards his secrets about making his dog more beautiful...


Kacper w wieku 7 lat        05.06.2004    photo: M.Skrzyszewska


           Till the end of the year 2002 “Kacper” has won: 2 x res-CACIB, 13 x CAC, 1 x VDH, 4 x BOB, 3 x Best Male in Breed

           and the titles of Polish Champion and Club Winner 2000.

           He was the descendant of Supertramp and Seldom Sober and he was leading the line of Myberns and Lynway.

           In Judges’ descriptions:

           elegant dog with excellent head; ears properly settled and carried; dark eye; strong back; excellent colour

           and structur of coat


           He was authorized as a  stud dog.  

Before CACIB Sopot, 2001


Collie Club Winner, £ódŸ 2000


Sopot 2001


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