Polish Youth Champion

Polish Youth Champion


Aicha of Wizard's Castle (FCI)


Qualified for breeding


Poland:  5 x CAC, 1 x res-CACIB, 3 x Youth Winner, 2 x Best Junior in Breed,

3 x Best Female,   Best of Breed


Germany (CACIB Berlin 2006):  res-VDH, res -CAC




We decided to mate Aicha for the second time, therefore, despite of her excellent coat condition, no shows again :)



Aicha participated in one show only due to "maternity leave"

01/04/2006 - CACIB Berlin


New seazon has started. This time Aicha was presented in Berlin. It was her first show abroad!

Judge: Hermann Burk

Aicha was presented in Champion Class. She has got: Excellent, 2nd place, res-CAC, res-VDH


3 years old tri bitch; scissors bite, fine underjaw; correct angulations; medium sized in overall sight;

correct in stand, hindquarters too close in movement; ...good temperament





It was a very good year also for Aicha.

Accordingly to Collie Rough Portal,  she was placed at VI place in category "BEST ADULT FEMALE"

(77 females in competition)!



13/08/2005 - CACIB Sopot

Judge: Mrs Milivoje Urosevic (Serbia) 

For the first time in Champion Class!  Aicha has got: excellent, 1st place and CAC!







17/07/2005 - CAC Gdynia

Judge Mrs K.Łukasiewicz

Once more in Open Class (we had to send entrance form before gaining champion tittle).

Aich has got: 1st place, excellent, CAC and Best Female of Breed.

Description: Medium size, of ideal proportions; excellent angulation; perfect coat




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03/07/2005 - CAC Olsztyn

Judge:Mr G.Robak

Aicha was presented on open class (3 participants). We were over the moon when she has got excellent, 1st place and... CAC! It was her 3rd CAC

and winning this CAC (due to all regulations) she has finished a POLISH CHAMPION tittle !!!

Description: Good size, well balanced body; delicate but noble head; good neck; nice movement






15/05/2005 - CAC show in Dobre Miasto

Judge: Anna Dominiak

Aicha was presented in Open Class. She has got excellent, 1st place and CAC !!!

Next she has got the tittle of Best Adult Female !!!

Finally, beeing compared with Best Adult Male (= our Simba!!!) she has got the tittle of BEST OF BREED !!!



Aicha - portrait                                                         Aicha at Group I 



03/05/2005 - CAC Bydgoszcz

Judge: p.P.Szemraj

Open Class, 2nd, Excellent

Description: Pretty bitch of good proportions; excellent head image; fluent movement; coat of very good quality



16/04/2005 - CAC Grudziądz

Judge: Mrs Barbara Larska

being presented in Open Class Aicha has got: 2nd place (4 participants), excellent.




13/02/2005 - CAC Bydgoszcz

Judge - Mr J. Prewiński

For the last time Aicha was presented in Intermediate Class - next time she will join Open Class.

This time she has got excellent, second place, silver medal

Description:  of medium size, very pretty body; strong spine; legs properly positioned and angulated; very nice movement; very good coat



07/11/2004 - CACIB Poznań

Judge:  A. Kisljakov (Bielarus)

Beeing presented in Intermediate Class Aicha has got excellent and IV place




19.09.2004 - Collie Club Show

Judge: J.L.Lagasse, France.

Aicha was presented in Intermediate Class. This time she has got: excellent and 2nd place of 7.

Description: small black bitch; excellent head and type;; excellent proportions ; very good movement excellent positioning of legs


14.08.2004 - CACIB Sopot

Aicha was presented for the first time in Intermediate Class.

Judge: Ralf Campbell, Norway

She has got ... excellent, first place...and ...CAC!!!!!!

And 30 minutes lates she has got.... res-CACIB!!!!
Nice type and size, very good general outline, very good neck and head with typical male
expression, strong spine, backside well settled, very good legs and angulations,
good movement, coat of very good type and colour.   

It is her first certifivate for "big"  Polish Champion Tittle!!!

04.07.2004 - CAC Olsztyn  

Beeing presented in Youth Class Aicha has finished her Polish Youth Champion tittle!!!

Judge: Paweł Szemraj


Beutiful bitch of medium size, good body proportions;
beautiful head expression; additionaly dark eyes are streghtening sweet expression of head;    
proper scissors bite;
very good upper line; effective movement; profuse coat of excellent quality



19.06.2004 - CACIB Szczecin Show.  

Aicha was presented in Youth Class. Judge: Mirosław Redlicki.

1st place, excellent, Youth Winner, Best Junior in Breed !!!

Description: very subtle bitch; pretty head, very good neck and front; very good angulation; really nice movement





23.05.2004 - CAC show at Słupsk. Well done Aicha!

She was presented in Youth Class under Ms Katarzyna Fiszdon and has got: 1st place, excellent, Youth Winner. Description: excellent body proportions... nice head with ears excellent settled and carried.... nice, fluent movement....


photo: J.Skrzyszewski


04.04.2004 - CACIB Warsaw Show.  It was her "first time" in Youth Class. She has got "Excellent" mark and was placed at 2nd position (six participants). Judge: Birte Schell, Denmark.


"13 months old, very pretty bitch. Beautiful head and expression. Ears settled a little bit wide, but carried very good.

Proper occlusion; good front, strong spine, the body vell developed considering the age; well angulated back; well settled tail;

good, long stride; well coat considering the young age;

Excellent temperament.

Well handled." 



21.09.2003 - Aicha took part in Collie Club Show in Łódź. It was her "first time". She was presented in "puppy class" and she was placed at the second place (six participants) with "Very promissing" mark. Judge: Mr Mirosław Redlicki.


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Translated by Krystian Skrzyszewski  (Chris will do:) )