The collie rough affix „Padawan” was registered in the Polish Kennel Club on 23.04.2003 under the registry number 3137.

Padawan means apprentice of Jedi ("Star Wars"). We also would like to learn from the Masters! :) But it wasn't a milestone

in our histry!

All has begun - like in many such cases - with a well known book of Mr. Eric Knight “Lassie come home”. From that moment

the one and only dog was always a collie dog. Because it’s beautiful, because it’s smart, but the most of all that it can

take a gift of this special kind of look to you...


However, the first dog in our home was a little mongrel from a dog pound... Backing in the past, we thought that our house

was too small for such a big dog like collie… Unfortunately, after two months of intensive treatment we had to say goodbye

to “Kolisia”- she had a canine distemper, which she "brought" from the dog pound.


The first collie, “only to love”, appeared in our home 12 years ago, in 1991. Her name was  "Astra". Astra” had straight

ears and… was really great. “Was”, because she left us last year, being 11 years old. Now she is looking on our four-legged

pack from somewhere up high…

In the meantime many things have happened….

In July 1997 Kacper”- Gaspar Gold Fiducia, joined our family. Shows have begun. We have started to meet more and

more people “affected by the collie virus” and all the time we have been learning something new…

And finally “Kacper” makes us very happy and proud by becoming a Collie Club Winner and right after that a Polish Champion.

Than I am shyly beginning to think: maybe another one??


So, I have started to look for a promissing puppy with valuable pedigree. In October 2001 I saw a puppy on a web site

and just couldn’t stop thinking about it…

In the beginning of November Yours Truly of Wizard’s Castle- “Simba”, has arrived at our home.

Simba was born in Luxembourg, but his parents are comming from english lines: mother Matai Sheer Magic (tricolor),

father Silvermoor's Highland Chief (sable).

He does really great during shows (Youth Polish Champion, Youth Club Winner, Polish Winner, Polish Champion) and he has

a marvelous character.


In March 2003, in “Wizard’s Castle” kennel, new pups are born. One tricolor bitch- Aicha of Wizard’s Castle - gets our

special attention… and in the middle of May, she joins our family!!

Her parents are also representing remarkable english lines: father Mallicot Best Dressed Man (tricolor) and mother

Stokedale Shanghai Suprice (blue-merle).

Being a tri she is a real "silver bullet" taking under onsideration her character. She is Youth Champion and Polish Champion

(in age of 28 months).


So, at the end of July of 2005 we have moved to a new house with a garden as we intended to realize our next

dream.. our first litter ("Simba" x "Aicha"). Delivery took take place on 29.06.2006. In this litter have been born three

puppies of high quality: sable boy, tricolour boy and tricolour girl.

We have decided to keep from this litter both  Laila and Leo.  Willow-Sean live not far away.

They are doing pretty well in show-rings. Willow is Youth Champion.

Laila is Youth Champion, Polish Champion, Youth Club Winner.

Leo is Youth Champion, Polish Champion, Youth Club Winner and Club Winner.


So, we have decided to repeat the matting Simba x Aicha...

Our second litter was born on 07.10.2007. Seven tricolours have been born: 6 boys and 1 girl.

We have decided to keep one boy, Chilli.


It all couldn’t have happened without help and commitment of the other members of our family: Jarek and Krystian.

I now that there are moment when each of them thinks about a different breed… but in the end, collies always win!!

updated on 12.08.2009

                                                        Copyright © 2003 - 2006  by Mariola Skrzyszewska